Maggie Q: How she became a health advocate

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Maggie Q wasn’t born into the Hollywood elite. She’s spent every day since she left her home of Honolulu, Hawaii, working to make her name in a tough-as-nails industry. It would be hard enough for anyone without “connections,” but when Maggie Q beat-the-odds with certain challenges to her health – she knew she needed to use her visibility to create a platform and help everyone she could.

Maggie had a mandate to make wellness truly accessible. Her generosity, empathy for others, and belief that everyone’s entitled to the happiest, healthiest life possible makes her a popular fan favorite.

The road to helping others achieve better health

When you fly, they tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs. Maggie Q had to learn to help herself before she could really start to reach out and help others.

You see, about a decade ago, Maggie began to feel really tired – every day. Not only that, she experienced swelling around her eyes. Furthermore, inflammation in her stomach caused her to bloat. To make matters worse, she couldn’t sleep through the night.

She knew something was up … that she wasn’t well, but there wasn’t a doctor around that seemed to be able to tell her what was happening with her. So, she set out to do her own research.

The more she studied, the more she realized her issues were all related to digestion.

That’s when she met Dr. Edison de Mello.

Not only was Dr. de Mello able to help Maggie overcome her health struggles, they felt a strong connection. Once Maggie was operating at prime health, they knew they had to join forces to reach as many people as they could – they wanted to make Americans feel better. Together, they cofounded ActivatedYou.


Now, ActivatedYou is a collection of top-quality supplemental health products. But, what puts ActivatedYou head and shoulders above other supplements is the fact that the brand was created to help people heal and to get them talking.

Maggie Q wanted to share her research and Dr. de Mello’s wisdom with the vast community of people trying to get a handle on their health. It’s her passion to help inspire people everywhere to take care of their bodies.

Q knows firsthand that you’ve got to take healthcare into your own hands – you can’t just wait until a doctor prescribes a pill. It’s so important to eat the right things, get accurate information, and trust that you’ve got a place to seek good advice. That’s what ActivatedYou is all about.

A healthy you can mean a healthy career

Maggie Q is in supreme health now, which is part of the reason she’s got the energy to be one of the toughest women on television. Though she’s best known for playing the title role in the series Nikita, she can also be seen in the Divergent series, Mission Impossible III, and Live Free or Die Hard. Currently, she stars as Agent Hannah Wells, opposite Kiefer Sutherland, in the acclaimed ABC series Designated Survivor.

She also voices the lead character in the video game Need for Speed: Undercover. She plays federal agent Chase Linh – the gamer’s contact to the Tri-City PD.

How did Maggie get her start?

In her late teen years, she moved to Japan to earn money so she could come home and get a formal education. She didn’t know the language, nor did she have much more than a few bucks to her name, but as fate would have it, the move was a risk worth taking – because eventually, she was noticed by Jackie Chan. He thought she had the chops to become a true action star. With Chan, Maggie Q even learned to do her own stunts.

It’s no wonder Maggie Q wants to get America healthy

Maggie Q is not one to shy away from the spotlight, and she knows there’s an important relationship that exists between our health, the wellbeing of those we share the planet with, and overall environmental sustainability. This core belief drives Maggie to educate and inspire.

Ultimately, Maggie thinks you don’t have to force something on anyone. If it’s good for you and you believe in it, it shows. Her hope is to share the information she’s gathered and spark another person’s curiosity. So if they’re struggling with digestive issues, they can discover the truth about the misinformation that’s being targeted to consumers – and make the right choice, the educated choice.

If you’ve struggled with digestive issues or weight gain, Maggie Q can empathize. She knows what it’s like to be afraid to eat foods you love … or that something might give you a bad reaction. Her wellness has been a personal journey and, having found the solution, she’s determined to share the answers with everyone who could use a little help.

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