Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Symptoms & Causes and Treatment Options

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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have many physical and emotional umbrellas of symptoms.  In patients with fibromyalgia and

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Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, this patient’s experience, body aches, abnormal digestion, sleep interruption, joint aches, and mental fog.  They also are experiencing emotional problems and have specific tender points in the body. Generally in Fibromyalgia 11/18 tender points are present.  Based on the symptoms and the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia waxing their daily body has specific tender points, which is in effect.

CFS and fibromyalgia is mostly in the age of 30-50 people, mainly women, but men are not spared.  They are usually active and mentally strong, and feel that you can fight out of disease.  It is true that they are able to fight it out, but depending on the underlying etiology of CFS, fibromyalgia if the underlying cause of the condition is not treated or removed then slowly progresses of the disease may happen.  The aim should be to trace the cause of the illness of the trigger.

The etiology or the basis of fibromyalgia and CFS disease is not totally clear. There are several causes of illness that are listed.  It is different from person to person; it must be assessed case by case basis.  The list of causes of CFS or Fibromyalgia can vary from infection, drug side effects, traumatic events in life, inability to accept the conditions of life and many more.

Sometimes the CFS or Fibromyalgia may be related to the infectious etiology as mono or Lyme disease.  Sometimes it can be drug reactions or side effects of drugs that one is taken for a long time to build the side-effects.  If taken for a long time, a drug that is used for the disease can cause side effects or chronic fatigue.  Drugs like estrogen, pharmaceuticals agents for depression, statin drug like Lipitor, etc., are a group of drugs that one might want to look at.  They can cause Fibromyalgia like symptoms in some patients.  There are many other drugs, but they must be assessed on an individual basis, as a symptom of fatigue is unusual.  Drug related fatigue and chronic medications side effects need to be evaluated by their own doctor.  You may need to do your own research for drug side effects, as it may or may not be listed as a side effect of all the time.  Your healthcare professional can help, if needed for further help into this.  Even if one stops the medication may take up to 6-9 months to see if the side  effects, related or not, it may not be just few days or couple of weeks.

Other causes of CFS and Fibromyalgia may be underlying non resolved anxiety and depression, illness or which may be part of the disease. This may be addressed by professional counseling and understand the underlying problem associated with life.  It may be in relationship with one of the issues of personal or professional life. Usually mind focuses on the issues of life and focuses on the weakest areas in life.  Over time, nature of the human mind is to forget the strong points and look for weakness. Because of this one is always mentally dwelling around the weak area of the life rather than the strong area of the life.     The common issues that mind revolves around are  family , finance ,  personal relationships ,  security issues,  business issues , ego ,  or issues with  control.

Drug therapy for Depression/anxiety helps control symptoms of mental illness, but may not cure him completely in most cases unless the underlying cause is not addressed.  While the underlying non-acceptance of unchanging situation in life is there, the underlying anxiety/depression can persist.  Usually it is very difficult to accept change, but we have seen in our patients that found its own way to change their  situation  or that acceptance of unchangeable situations they do best.  Depression/anxiety medication helps an extension and can be used initially in some patients as a bridge to help maintain an acute situation of course.

The treatment is multifaceted and individualized and not same for all, as patient with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have different causes. One needs to see a physician who regularly follows and treat patients of fibromyalgia and or CFS  as not all physicians are comfortable taking care of this disease. An integrative treatment approach with Ayurveda, Yoga, diet, exercise, relaxation in combination of medical therapy gives better results as compared to just drug treatment.

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